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Tarbaby/Dante Gordon Setters
Dan & Nina Tenaglia
14653 E. Broad St.
Reynoldsburg, Oh. 43068
(740) 927-4597

Stud Contract:

The Gordon Setter bitch named _____________________________   
Reg #__________________________________________________
OFA #_________________________________________________
Having had a current Brucellae test has been accepted to be bred to
The Gordon Setter Stud Dog _______________________________

The agreed stud fee is $600.00 of which 1/2 is to be paid at time of mating, and ½ paid at time of whelping.

The stud owner guarantees at least two live puppies to constitute a litter.  Failure to produce a litter will result in the return of the stud fee, or a repeat breeding at the next appropriate heat cycle of the afore mentioned bitch.

The bitch owner agrees that no puppies will be auctioned, donated, given away, or sold to pet stores, puppy mills, or taken to animal shelters.  The bitch owners will provide the stud owner with a complete list of names, addresses, and phone numbers of where the resulting puppies end up residing.  The bitch owner will also register (litter registration) all puppies with the American Kennel Club, and will provide the appropriate paperwork to the new owners of the puppies.

Stud owner reserves the right to purchase a puppy from the bitch owner for the same price as the stud fee.  Said puppy will be first choice of a sex other than what the bitch owner keeps, or second choice of the same sex as what the bitch owner keeps.   If the bitch owner opts not to keep a puppy, then the stud owner has first overall choice.

Stud owners signature __________________________    Date:_____________________

Bitch owners signature____________________________Date:_____________________